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Ceramic Transducer Design Co., Ltd(CTDCO) is a professional manufacturer of ultrasonic sensor and piezoelectric transducer in Taiwan for over 25 years. The position of CTDCO is make the component only. We don't offer the finished product with the PCB in the market. The main product is include ultrasound sensor, piezoelectric transducer, ultrasonic beauty head,car back sonar sensor and transducer for ultrasonic cleaner and welding machine.

CTDCO is a flat organization, it can adjust the lead time and specification by customers quickly. The company we have served are include NASA, Siemens, LEGO TOY, ASUS, Panasonic, Samsung, TI…etc. Welcome to OEM and ODM of the ultrasonic sensor and piezoelectric transducer.

CTDCO are fully aware that quality of ultrasonic transducer is so concerned by our clients. In the past years, CTDCO's longstanding involvement with the high quality sensor and more competitive price. We also have many patents on ultrasonic sensors. According to the basic principle of "New electronic products begin with high quality components" , the quality control has therefore become our top topics. Through our efforts, the quality has been rewarded with ISO9001:2015 certificate by SGS United Kingdom Ltd. TIME DELIVERY,STRINGENT QC and COMPETITIVE PRICE are what you can expect from us.


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